Clinical Practice

Dr. Meng sees adults, children, and teens for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Conditions that often bring people to seek help include depression, anxiety, difficulty with attention or focus, hyperactivity, autism, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and panic attacks. Dr. Meng utilizes evidence-based treatment strategies and patient-centered practices. We currently accept Anthem and Cigna insurances and accept self pay patients as well.



Forensic Practice

Dr. Meng is available to conduct forensic assessments including criminal, civil, and family court cases, as well as fitness for duty assessments and independent medical examinations (IMEs). His services are designed to provide objective, unbiased opinions to Probations Officers, Judges, Defense Attorneys, Prosecution Attorneys, and Plaintiff Attorneys.

Some examples of such evaluations include: competency and sanity evaluation, mental condition, psychiatric “autopsy” investigation, decision making and testamentary capacities, standards of psychiatric care, malpractice, civil commitment, personal injury and disability.


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